2017 Oregon Legislative Updates

The 2017 Legislative Session has been a busy one thus far! Over 200 land use related bills were introduced, all of which can be found here on the Oregon Chapter of the American… Read the rest

Message from the Board

The Oregon APA Board of Directors recently received an inquiry as to whether we were going to take any position on new policies and directives emanating from the Federal… Read the rest

Portland State MURP Students Win National Award

A team of students in the Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) program at Portland State University have been recognized by the American Institute of Certified… Read the rest

The Plan4Health Initiative: Umatilla County’s Experience

The American Planning Association (APA) and American Public Health Association (APHA) have joined together to connect communities by funding work at the intersection… Read the rest

Incorporating Immigrants’ on-the-ground Knowledge and Lived Experiences into the Urban Planning Process

Before the interactive urban planning workshop started, children had begun tinkering with the 1,000s of small objects placed in front of them. This pre-workshop tinkering… Read the rest

The Uncertain Future of Oregon’s Agricultural Lands, and the Role of Planners

With the average age of farmers in Oregon edging towards 60, up to 10.45 million acres (or 64%) of Oregon’s land in current farm and ranch use is expected to change hands… Read the rest

Challenges to Development in Oregon: It’s not just about the UGB

Many people argue that if only it were easy to expand urban growth boundaries throughout Oregon, housing would be less expensive, economies would thrive, and many land… Read the rest

New survey shows Oregonians concerned about housing, support UGB

Planners are all too familiar with citizens coming to protest the latest change to the comprehensive plan or zoning code. Citizens regularly show up to decry increased… Read the rest

OAPA receives Planners4Health grant

OAPA is excited to announce that we were one of 28 chapters selected to participate in the Planners4Health project by the American Planning Association! We will spend … Read the rest

Message from the OAPA President

By Jeannine Rustad. JD

Public engagement – love it/hate it; embrace it or fear it – no matter your stance, it is an essential part of what we do as planners.  Why else … Read the rest