OAPA Webinars

OAPA does various webinars throughout the year.  You may purchased webinar recordings below:

Updating Your Comprehensive Plan – Choosing the Right Approach for your Community
1 CM credit
Are you getting ready to update your Comprehensive Plan? Will you do an entire rewrite, just freshen up the look and format, or focus on updating just a chapter or two? There are lots of paths to choose and questions to ask about level of detail, use of graphics, preparation of maps, and how to engage community members in the process. This presentation will cover the lessons our firm has learned about some of these choices and topic in working with communities across the state and Pacific Northwest on Comp Plan update projects.

Inclusionary Zoning Webinar
The 2016 Oregon Legislature lifted the ban on inclusionary zoning in Oregon, allowing cities to require developers to build affordable housing units in buildings with 20 units or more. Now the City of Portland is in the process of developing and adopting an inclusionary zoning policy and program. Given that over 80-90% of housing in the City of Portland over the last five years has been in multi-family buildings with over 20 units, the City has the potential to see a significant increase in affordable housing through the implementation of inclusionary zoning. What challenges and opportunities will the City face, and what can they learn from programs across the country? Join us in a presentation and discussion with Matthew Tschabold, Equity and Policy Manager at the Portland Housing Bureau and Lorelei Juntunen, Partner and Project Director for ECONorthwest. ECONorthwest is working with both the City of Portland locally, and nationally, on inclusionary zoning issues.

Envisioning Future Cities with Automated Vehicles Webinar
1 CM credit
This webinar will review the innovative work Florida Department of Transportation and Florida State University are doing to take the first steps toward envisioning the future in an AV world, a future that can yield attractive, people-friendly, efficient and safe urban environments. In addition, this webinar will identify near and medium-term infrastructure investments and policy decisions that could enable a smooth transition to a transportation system dominated by AVs. Few understood and foresaw the massive impact the automobile would have upon travel behaviors, transportation systems, and the built environment over a century ago. This session hopes to prepare and equip local governments with the tools necessary to take advantage of this remarkable opportunity to reshape the built environment into more livable communities.

Conflict Resolution for Planners Webinar
You are in another public meeting and a distraught and angry citizen is challenging you on your presentation. What do you do? How do you connect with people on an emotional level when they don’t want to hear the factors elected officials must take into consideration. This webinar will provide participants tactics and best practices for conflict negotiation. Speaker Stephen Greenwood (Program Director of Urban & Public Affairs at PSU’s School of Government) will discuss his experiences in conflict negotiation, including lessons learned in dealing with competing interests and conflicting opinions on various planning issues. This session will provide participants with the skills to successfully navigate a variety of negotiation situations.

Ethics and Planning Webinar
1.5 CM ethics credits
A panel of planning professionals will examine a series of “real world” scenarios that pose moral and ethical issues and use APA’s Professional Ethics Guidelines to work out an appropriate course of action. The scenarios are taken from materials developed for the APA National conference and examine the intersection of public and private sector interests and motives. The session will allow for participants to ask questions and weigh in with their opinions about the “ethical” course to take in these situations.

Oregon Legislative 101 Webinar
1 CM credit
This webinar will walk participants through the steps to track land use legislation in the Oregon Legislature. From weeding through the 1,000s of bills that are introduced (don’t worry, someone else will go through them) to being assigned to committees, and, if it makes it through the House and the Senate, to the Governor’s desk for signature (or not), this session will give you all the information you need to track and participate in the legislative process.

Planning for an Aging Population Webinar
1 CM credit
This interactive webinar will also help participants to understand the relationship between the Livability index and AARP’s Age-Friendly Community Network.