Title:Register Today for the Oregon Transportation Summit
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Monday, September 16, 2013
Smith Memorial Union, Portland State University

The Oregon Transportation Summit brings together Oregon’s academic and practicing transportation professionals to advance the state of the art by accelerating new research into practice and shaping the agenda for future research. The summit features a plenary session, a luncheon program and a variety of workshop sessions. OTREC produces the summit in partnership with the Portland Chapter of the Women’s Transportation Seminar, the Oregon Chapter of the American Planning Association and the Oregon Section of the Institute for Transportation Engineers.

The highlights of the 5th Annual Oregon Transportation Summit include:

  • OTREC Research Poster Exhibit (7-8am and during breaks)
  • Plenary session on MAP21 with Adie Tomer (Brookings Institution) and Rep. Tobias Read
  • Keynote presentation by author Taras Grescoe (Straphanger)
  • Eight workshops on topics ranging from bike/ped safety to connected vehicles

Register now! Members of WTS, ITE and APA can register for $100, non-members for $150 and students for $50. A late registration fee takes effect on August 26th. A $25 discount is available if you want to bring your own lunch.

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