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Committee Chair Contacts

Legislative and Policy Affairs Committee (LPAC) is responsible for developing and implementing the Chapter’s legislative and policy action program. The Legislative Officer shall represent the Executive Board and Chapter on legislative and planning policy matters and determine the Chapter’s position on proposed legislation and policy when the Executive Board is unable to define the Chapter position in a timely manner.

Professional Development Committee is responsible for providing AICP membership information and other professional development programs and activities on behalf of the Chapter.

Education and Outreach Committee serves as ambassadors for the planning profession, and shall be responsible for education and outreach about planning to public officials, allied professions, students, educators, interest groups, the media, and the public at large.

The Awards Committee describes the specific purposes and characteristics of the awards program, solicit, receive and review nominations, and recommend program policies to the Executive Board.

Membership Committee assists the Board in maintaining open communication with all members, recruiting and retaining members.

Emerging Planners Group is a sub-group of the OAPA membership committee and will be organizing events and activities intended to provide career growth and networking opportunities for OAPA members who are new to the planning field.

Women in Planning Committee’s mission is to enhance the impact women have on the planned environment by promoting mutual support and professional development. Our activities will:

  • Strengthen collaboration among women in different areas of planning;
  • Increase the awareness/recognition of positive contributions of women’s leadership in planning and public service;
  • Provide a mentoring atmosphere for women of all ages working in planning;
  • Explore planning related topics through a variety of mediums and formats

The Oregon 2050 Alliance is a group of like-minded organizations concerned about the future of Oregon and optimistic about the opportunities for taking concerted action that will make Oregon in 2050 a healthy, vibrant and resilient place.