About OAPA

Welcome to the website for the Oregon Chapter of the American Planning Association.  The Chapter’s mission is to carry out the objectives of the American Planning Association (APA) and to promote the art and science of planning in Oregon.

The Mission of the Oregon Chapter of the American Planning Association is to:

  • Promote the art and science of planning
  • Helping planners in professional development
  • Advance the practice of planning at all levels of experience
  • Emphasize the importance of achieving the final vision or goal over mere procedure
  • Protect the legacy of our state’s natural environment
  • Promote sustainable development objectives through comprehensive planning for economic development, social and environmental objectives
  • Foster social and environmental equity, and
  • Advocate for every citizen’s opportunity to participate.

We believe that for planners to make a difference in their communities they must be known for:

  • honesty
  • integrity
  • professionalism
  • foresight
  • ethical behavior
  • commitment to the public interest
  • advocacy of sustainability, and
  • commitment to community.

A more detailed explanation of these core values can be found in the summary of Planners Dialogue, a visioning process conducted by the Chapter in the late 1990s. The Oregon Chapter of APA shall support and educate our communities about the value of planning, while advocating for effective planning programs and practices statewide. These activities shall help to assure Oregon’s planners are professionally knowledgeable and empowered to create and implement balanced, informed and visionary plans for their communities.

Click here for a copy of our Bylaws (amended March 2014) Click here for a copy of our Strategic Plan.